Paradigm of Real Estate marketing is often mistaken and sometimes mixed with other industries by the marketers. If we look into the examples carried out by other marketers around the world, the mistakes are visibly clear but not understood well. When Covid-19 affected our real estate community back in February 2020 we all put ourselves into a concrete summary that the property price will go down. In this case the marketers did not play any thriving role. As a result it took time for the Real Estate Industry of Bangladesh to change its shift of people’s mindset. The marketers engaged in digital marketing and to all of us the term of digital marketing stands only for Facebook. They kept posting their ads into the social media and THAT’S IT. So what could have done by the Marketing Managers/CCO/CMO of the Real Estate companies?

As a whole marketing is meant for promotion, a term for communicating with the target market and audience. Real Estate marketers are not the best of the country’s marketers or they are sometimes dominated to establish few agendas by the owners. On the other hand the marketers are tend to be stubborn not to adopt with modern technologies. If we are taking Facebook for one and only digital tool, even that could be enough if done in a right way. We are not just profound of changing shifts of Facebook. Over the last 8 months Facebook changed its ad set options, cpanel and algorithm 18 times. But, we did not adopt ourselves to the change. We only know carousal ads, lead generation process. Let me ask you a question. When you search anything in Google, Yahoo or Bing, you might experience an ad popping up on top of your Facebook wall when you are in active mood. How that works? It is because of the pixel and look-a-like audience. The algorithm works better according to your pixel and website settings, which means digital marketing does not mean only Facebook, rather it is your own Website, SEO, Remarketing tools and obviously for wide range the other social medias. Let’s say we have done that all, and is that enough? The neutral answer is NO.

Email marketing?

Whatsapp business?

LinkedIn marketing?

Instagram marketing?

SMS marketing?

Have you done it all? YES! But still not getting my desired output. OFCOURSE, it is because you are not a professional. Either you need a professional team or a Professional agency. FMCG marketing is way easier than Real Estate marketing as the target market is much wider and demography coverage is massive. Real Estate marketing is more like target marketing. You have limited resources and limited budget and the outcome has to be precise.

Make sure you do enough


Socially Responsible Acts

Use Trello for Assigning Tasks

Use Slack for Common Meeting


The smarter you are the better you can expect your result. Too learn free digital marketing, you may visit:

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