Before purchasing a flat the buyer must check the following to complete the flat registration which ensures legal ownership of the flat.


  • Check all land papers (ask your developer company to provide a photocopy).
  • Check if the plan is approved by RAJUK and if the developer violates any design.
  • Ensure you read a sales deed before purchasing the flat, ask your agent to provide a sales deed copy so that you don’t miss anything or can negotiate about some clauses.
  • Sometime developer companies delays to handover the project. Enquire what the original & declared date of Handover was and why the delay has taken place. You must include strong clause for rental benefits if further delay or any delay happens in the future.
  • Ensure the developing land is not mortgaged for any other reason than its own development (sometime developer companies take loans against a land for developing other projects).
  • Make sure the loan that is taken by the developer company is adjusted before handover otherwise you will never be able to register the flat by your name.
  • Make sure the land has no litigation with the Govt. or it is not facing any legal issues by the court or the land is not under DAP (Detail Area Plan).
  • Sometime mega projects faces a lot of consequences specially declared as “City” so please make sure all land documents or RAJUK approval is granted for the mega project. It is always better to hire legal associate to negotiate and check variables for mega projects.


For any apartment registration take assistance, please call +8801713079222  

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