Future of Real Estate in Bangladesh (Part-6)

The size of the sales force for such a company is already justified, but the size of the marketing teams is more like folly. Who to take care of the website's regular maintenance, who to create contents, who to analyze competition, who to do the copywriting, and one designer for...

Future of Real Estate in Bangladesh (Part-5)

In 2008 a new business code was implied by RAJUK, and all developments were in effect right away based on the FAR rules. In that building code, the only missing string was the height of the building which I presume to be wrong in 2021.

জমির আইনগত বিষয়াদি

Floorfly is a trusted realtor firm where anyone can get their land documents vetted legally. Dhaka originally deviates from its master plan chalked out by the British Govt. and then RAJUK and then by the local authorities. So every land is different in the vetting process. Floorfly helps its client...

Apartment Registration Process

Before purchasing a flat the buyer must check the following to complete the flat registration which ensures legal ownership of the flat.

জমি রেজিস্ট্রেশন এর পদ্ধতি

Before buying a piece of land, it is your duty to know the appropriate and legal process of land registration in Bangladesh to safeguard your own interest and also to avoid any future litigation.

The Secret of a Real Estate Salesperson

A good salesperson does not attempt to sell to their clients. They believe in building strong emotional bonding with them. They achieve this by not selling products or services but providing them peace of mind and comfort.

The Best Way to Invest In Real Estate

The ever-growing cosmopolitan Dhaka is in high demand in creating living space. Living luxury has become a compulsion when it comes to living in Dhaka and when it comes to investment, everyone has their perspective about it.

The Dilemma of Decision Making

The decision is like ice cream; you need to be quick and fast and else it will be a wastage. This wastage could be sometimes life-threatening, sometimes a loss of opportunity. The question is how this dilemma affecting our decision-making process.

A-Z of Real Estate Marketing (Part 1)

You need to know how to do real estate marketing properly.

A-Z of Real Estate Marketing (Part 2)

Real-Estate marketing is different than other industries. It requires special skills, passion, and illustration.

Frequently ask questions about Floorfly

Floorfly is a concept of freedom with more efficiency and an echo system where both developers and professionals can be benefited.

How to make your online customer loyal

Doing business online? Then you need some skills and techniques to pull customers.