Floorfly is an innovation pursued by troubles housing problems in Bangladesh. The sector is old but it has many drawbacks which are unable to offer any leverage for the residents of Bangladesh. Land registration, Plot buying, Flat or Apartment selling or buying, and supply versus demand are the stinging pain for society. To solve or ease all these problems, Floorfly was created and initially planned by Mr. Kazi Manzur Ahmed, a serial entrepreneur who has established few brands in Bangladesh and having knowledge of working in various industries like footwear, telecom, supply chain, and real estate. He worked for Robi (Axiata), Lotto, Aramex, BTI (Building Technology & Ideas Ltd.), Rupayan Group, Okapia Mobile, and Galouzis & Co. Pty Ltd. Australia. He studied in Australia in the IT field and he also poses an MBA degree in Finance and Marketing. Mr. Kazi is the Chairman and CEO of Floorfly.

Mr. Syful Zaman a passionate industry specialist in Real Estate also joined later with Mr. Kazi. Mr. Syful has worked in the real estate industry alone for 22 years and worked for BTI, Rupayan, Britania, and Concord group. He is holding the Managing Director chair for the company.

Suraia Haque is one of the board of directors who has a CSC degree from AUST (Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology) and an MBA in finance. She worked for Jobstreet.com and also the proprietor of Rososborn Technologies, an IT firm that invented Doptori, Nenemart.com, and providing IT services and installing IOT products in residential and commercial projects.

Address: House # 36, Road # 13, Sector # 3, Uttara, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh

Contact: +8801713079222, +8809612232323

E-Mail: ask@floorfly.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/floorfly

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/floorflyservice


Vision 2025

To create a sustainable living opportunity for every member of the globe.



To create the most compelling real estate company of the 21st century by providing a realistic home solution.



  • Hard work never betrays, work hard and be ahead of others.
  • Empower our people and make them a good leader for our future.
  • Make yourself comfortable, do not let office politics ruin your career.
  • We strive best to make our customers happy, no matter if it is beyond our imagination.
  • We work together to achieve our business goals through our combined talents, experiences, knowledge, and cultures; together make a winning team.
  • We trust and respect our stakeholders through transparency and honesty in our every act.


Why should people choose or rely on Floorfly?

In Bangladesh, land-related documents are sometimes found very challenging to be understood by the people unless they have experience. The root of the transfer of ownership of any land is a must finding facts before purchasing and developing land. The issue is not understood by many flat buyers as they are diverted through the eye-catching advertisement by the companies. Floorfly selected plots and lands are carefully evaluated before approaching the desired buyers. Floorfly has number of legal specialists who work relentlessly on the issue. So every purchaser is assured about the authenticity of the products showcased by Floorfly.


Floorfly is offering more choices in regards to choosing a property with a competitive market analysis, which means people can be assured of a winning environment where both the buyer and seller of flats or apartments are benefitted.


While the deciding factors in the path of apartment purchasing are price, size, facilities, amenities, facing, and payment schedule, one must be concerned with the most important part which is the original Rajuk approved plan, Land ownership, Mutation (City Jarip), and DAP (Detail Area Plan) clearance. Floorfly is well concerned about these facts and ensuring the rights of a buyer.


Operating Area of Floorfly

Floorfly is currently operating in Dhaka city of Bangladesh with a registered office and a Head Quarter and two branch offices. Floorfly shall expand its operation all over Bangladesh especially in Chittagong, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, and other populated areas where housing is a problem for people. Floorfly listed areas in Dhaka city are Uttara Sector 1, Uttara Sector 3, Uttara Sector 4, Uttara Sector 5, Uttara Sector 6, Uttara Sector 7, Uttara Sector 9, Uttara Sector 10, Uttara Sector 11, Uttara Sector 12, Uttara Sector 13, Uttara Sector 14, Uttara Sector 15, Uttara Sector 16, Uttara Sector 17, Uttara Diabari, Uttara Metro Rail, Bashundhara Residential Area, Purbachol Sector 1, Purbachol Sector 2, Purbachol Sector 3, Purbachol Sector 4, Purbachol Sector 5, Purbachol Sector 6, Purbachol Sector 7, Purbachol Sector 8, Purbachol Sector 9, Purbachol Sector 10, Purbachol Sector 11, Purbachol Sector 12, Purbachol Sector 13, Purbachol Sector 14, Purbachol Sector 15, Purbachol Sector 16, Purbachol Sector 17, Purbachol Sector 18, Purbachol Sector 19, Purbachol Sector 20, Purbachol Sector 21, Purbachol Sector 21, Purbachol Sector 22, Purbachol Sector 23, Purbachol Sector 24, Purbachol Sector 25, Purbachol Sector 26, Purbachol Sector 27, Purbachol Sector 28, Purbachol Sector 29, Mirpur Pallabi, Mirpur Kalshi, Mirpur 1, Mirpur 10, Shamoli, Adabor, Mohammadpur, Nikunja, Gulshan 1, Gulshan 2, Banani, Agargaon, Banasree, Bonosri, Aftab Nagar, Niketan, Mogbazar, Jatrabari, Arambag etc. 


How Floorfly Operates  

When any flat or apartment or plot is registered with Floorfly product listing, Floorfly ensures that the land is authentic through the land registration office, any ready or used flats have a mutation and ready to be transferred legally, the original plan is not violated or deviated, the price is set according to the ongoing market rate and every party has the smooth transition experience. 


Once the property is sold Floorfly, The No 1. Property Portal of Bangladesh keeps the record under the “SOLD” tag so that any person can see and compare the price and can get a hint about negotiation. 


If for any reason, Floorfly finds ambiguous activities by the seller of any flat, apartment, or plot, Floorfly removes the property from the listing, hence avoiding bad experience in the real estate sector. 

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