When buying land, it is very important to know how to measure the size of the land and to have the correct knowledge about the land documents. If you are thinking of buying a piece of land without understanding these issues, it can be a very complicated and wrong decision. There are many things to consider when buying land and the role of legal issues is very important. When land is sold, the buyer or their representative is officially registered.

But if there is a problem with the land documents, it is absolutely impossible to implement it. Floorfly.com gives you a flow chart below to illustrate the process so that you can easily figure out what steps to follow to register land in your name.



Before purchasing land, check the following:


Verify that the seller has proper ownership of the property and has a legitimate right to sell the property.

Check whether the last deed of the property is in the owner’s own name or if the property is inherited. Because under Section 53C of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, if a person owns property in a manner other than inheritance, under the State Acquisition and Tenancy Act 1950, if he does not have the latest ledger in his own name, or if he is the owner of the property by inheritance, if he has not prepared the last mutation in his own name, he cannot sell any property, if sold in any other way, it is a punishable act.

Whether the land tax (khajna) has been paid till now. If the land tax (rent) has already been paid, go to the office of the concerned Assistant Land Development Officer and check whether the receipt or receipt of payment of land development tax (khajna) is authentic.

Whether the seller has possession of the proposed property. It would not be right to purchase the land without the seller's possession of the property.

Check whether the property is owned by the govt. Buying or selling the government is a punishable offense.

Land Measurement
First, find out the length and width of the land. If the size of the four sides of the land is not equal, find the average of the length and width. Then divide the multiplication of the width and length by 435.6. The result is the accurate measurement of the land in decimal.



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