In the role of an Executive Director in BTI and the CEO in and Dominno, I got opportunities to train salespeople to deliver results. In each company a small group of salespeople almost always deliver results. I am fascinated to know why this is the case. Digging deeper, I noticed that there are certain characteristics and traits that they all share. Today I will speak about one of the least and important discoveries. 

A good salesperson does not attempt to sell to their clients. They believe in building strong emotional bonding with them. They achieve this by not selling products or services but providing them peace of mind and comfort. They believe that they are not just salespeople, but consultants and their job is to help their clients achieve their business goals. Should things go wrong, the customers are confident that the consultants will not desert them, but will advise them to make their choice better? 

I know some company’s owners or chief executives will not agree on the similar, and they may put their opinion as it sounds surreal. Not namely, there are few real estate companies in Bangladesh that believe that sales is a time-bound and pressure-conscious job, the more pressure on sales, the more outcome will happen. But it never works, and as a result, the salespeople do not get enough time to create the emotional bonding with their clients and they leave the company. It happens every 3 months for their nonperformance. So the company lost a person who might have potentials without knowing deep about the person. On the other hand when executives are interviewed by a group of people they never ask the person about his/her passion area, so the company ended up with the wrong person. Being in real estate for 3-4 years may have been the selecting criteria for getting the mid-level job. But we should be aware of the number of real estate companies that exist in Bangladesh, and it should not be a hard task for someone to hang on to a single company for 3-6 months. Although this should not be our topic, it has come from the root cause of being successful and not being successful in the real estate sector. Can a company sell “comfort”? Why do you think large companies like ‘Brookfield Asset Management’ have become so giant? It is the comfort, it is about trust, and it is about the warmth that they receive from the company. You can search for yourself to justify my words. 

I found interesting characteristics of those performing salespeople and they had full of these notions. 

Own everything: Even if it is not their fault, they believe it is their responsibility, they feel it from the bottom of their heart. 

Resourceful: They are full of knowledge of the real estate industry, just not about the product. They have knowledge about competition, the future of the investment, and also legal issues of any areas related to the real estate industry of Bangladesh.

Help others: These people are givers, not takers. They regularly share their experience, knowledge, and values with their clients and colleagues. They will never sneak around you, and will never ask about their colleague’s client base. 

But is this one trait enough for a salesperson? Surely not, there are few other essences they possess to stand out in the crowd. 

Kazi Manzur Ahmed

March 15, 2021

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